Brisbane will boom in the next decade according to leading demographer Bernard Salt.

He predicts the River City will rival Sydney and Melbourne.

Renee Borgeaud reports.


Brisbane’s leap into the future will rely on significant population growth to create a smarter workforce.

Infrastructure, affordability and connectivity will be key contributors.

Bernard Salt, Demographer: “So what you actually need is lifestyle, you need to be able to have access to a globally competitive range of jobs and an affordable lifestyle.”

Mixed use projects totaling more than $3 billion like the Cross River Rail and the Queen’s Wharf will be essential to achieving those goals.

Bernard Salt, Demographer: “And I think that’s the beauty, the freedom, the fluidity of living in metropolitan Australia.”

The increase of imports and exports will underpin the economy, with immigration at the forefront of cultural absorption.

Bernard Salt predicts an increase in Chinese tourism, for at least the next 10 to 15 years.

Salt said we’ve drawn from western cultures for decades, with the next 10 years seeing Chinese and Arabic culture and cuisine integrate into everyday life.

The Imaging Brisbane 2027 report will be used by a major Brisbane based urban development company.

Renee Borgeaud, QUT News.