The Cancer Council wants a ban on all smoking in CBD green spaces.

Brisbane’s Lord Mayor won’t commit to the move, saying Council has to monitor current smoke free laws.

Harrison Bain reports.


Since late last year smoking in many public places in Brisbane’s CBD has been prohibited.

Now the Cancer Council is calling for the ban to be extended to the so-called ‘ash trays of the city’ King George Square and ANZAC Square.

Chris Mcmillan, CEO, Cancer Council Queensland:”We live in a beautiful environment here in Queensland so we should be making the most of it in fresh clean healthy air.”

But the Lord Mayor believes the openness of the squares sets them apart from existing legislation.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor: “You’ve got 26 million visitations in that mall, it’s in a confined space so I think King George Square is a much more open arrangement and that’s the view I would have at the moment.”

Tough anti-smoking laws introduced late last year have widespread public support.

Vox 1: “I don’t smoke in these sorts of areas and maybe smokers should go where there’s less public people.”

Vox 2: “It’s fine. Yeah less smoking in public, the better.”

Around 12% of Queenslanders smoke daily.

10 years ago this figure was at 20% and with the majority of smokers wanting to quit, this number is set to drop even further.

Almost 4,000 Queenslanders die from tobacco related diseases each year with at least one death a week caused by second hand smoke.

Harrison Bain, QUT News.