Special speed warning signs introduced three years ago around Brisbane, are being hailed a success.

They were designed to raise awareness about speeding in suburban streets.

Maudy Veltema reports.


Drivers get either a green smiley face or a red expression of disapproval urging them to slow down.

100 million vehicles have been monitored over the past three years since the first sign was installed.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor: “We now have 75 signs which go up, they’re portable signs, they’re solar powered signs, and these signs reflect speeding in particular precincts.”

The signs caught 1 in 5 drivers speeding, but 40% reduced their speed to below the limit as a result.

Local councillors nominate the locations for the signs where they stay for at least a month.

Andrew Wines, Enoggera Councillor: “Each one has the ability to tell what the speed is but also gathers information about how many vehicles pass it, what speeds they go at and we use that information to determine whether they’re effective.”

The signs are often placed in dangerous locations like school zones.

Vicki Richards, Principal, Newmarket State School: “It’s nice to have that peace of mind that motorists are being reminded to be watchful of our children.”

Brisbane City Council invested $5.7 million into the program.

The 75 signs have rotated over 416 locations across Brisbane suburbs.

Graham Quirck, Brisbane Lord Mayor: “And now each year we invest around $800,000 to allow councillors to move the locations in accordance, again, with community-driven demands.”

Making Brisbane’s streets safer.

Maudy Veltema, QUT News.