Sea World has welcomed a very rare birth with two cuddly polar bears.

They’ve bred successfully before. But never twins, and staff are delighted.

Annie Pullar reports.


They’re fury, blind and too small to see.

But Sea World’s first twin polar bear cubs are here.

And Mum, Liya is relishing in their cuteness, captured on den cam being very gentle with her latest additions.

Trevor Long, Director of Marine Sciences, Sea World: “We’ve created a maternity den, or birthing den very similar to the wild. It basically mimics the wild, so she’s in there looking after both the cubs.”

Each cub weighs 600g and is 15cm long.

It’s Liya’s second litter, so it’s no surprise her maternal instincts have come naturally.

Trevor Long, Director of Marine Sciences, Sea World: “We can watch them suckling from mum, we can watch them explore and move around, getting their feet a little bit.”

As for Hudson, the father, he’s been busy enjoying the world class Polar Bears Shores exhibit.

The birth of Liya’s twin cubs are set to put Sea World’s polar bear conservation efforts on a world stage.

But with continuing global warming, the only place you may see these beautiful creatures is in captivity.

Sea World says the cubs birth is vital with only 20 – 30,0000 bears remaining in the wild.

Trevor Long, Director of Marine Sciences, Sea World: “By 2040, we’ve probably lost 30% of our polar bear population.”

As for naming, well some already have their minds made up.

Vox 1: “Barry…Barry.”

Vox 2: “I’d call it Tigger.”

Liya and her babies will spend the next few months in the maternity den until they move to a specially built exhibit.

The public should be able to set their eyes on the duo in September.

Annie Pullar, QUT News.