Have you ever wanted to be in a hologram seemingly floating in mid-air?

Well at the World Science Festival in Brisbane you can do just that.

At special workshops you can transfer your own image to look just like a Star Wars character.

Melissa Mackay reports.


It’s like something out of a sci-fi movie.

The World Science Festival gives the public a chance to experience technology of the future, with mobile holograms.

Vox 1: “I never knew people could make such things like that.”

While these holograms aren’t exactly like the ones we see in futuristic movies, scientific advancements mean they could be handy in the next five years.

Scott Millar, CEO BOP Industries: “We’ve already got scientists that have created free floating orbs of light, so it won’t be long before we get more complex images.”

From corporate events to bedtime stories, the holograms featured at the World Science Festival offer endless opportunities and anyone can use them.

Scott Millar, CEO BOP Industries: “There are thousands of great apps on the apple or google play stores that do it all for you. So you just need to film yourself as you would any other photo or video put it through the apps and they do it all themselves. All you need to do it put a hologram on top.”

Video conversion apps are already available to download, and these hologram displays can be purchased for as little as fifteen dollars.

Children and adults alike enjoy creating their own personal holograms and seeing themselves in 3D.

It’s the coming of an age where reality and the virtual world become one.

Melissa Mackay, QUT News.