Public servants have begun moving into the newest addition to Brisbane’s skyline.

The government building, known as One William Street, brings five thousand employees under one roof.

But it will cost taxpayers.

Molly Houseman reports.


Public servants began moving personal items this afternoon.

The building towers above it’s neighbours… at 2 hundred and 60 metres and 41 floors.

The government is leasing from the developers at a cost of more than a billion dollars over 15 years. So they tightened their belts on some things.

Paul Krautz, Project Director: “About a million dollars worth of saving in terms of reducing some of the finishes and reducing some of the rugs and other things in the fit out”

But that’s not much because the total cost of the fittings is 1 hundred and 20 million dollars.

Public reaction is mixed.

Public: “Spending a lot of money”

Public: “Don’t they already have one?”

Public: “Oh look I think it’s a fantastic addition to the skyline”

Each floor is named after Australian flora and fauna.

L.E.D lights to make the building energy efficient.

The only thing it doesn’t have is solar power, and the reason for that is the building isn’t facing north

All the workers will have some view of the city.

But the premier gets the best outlook… right on the top floor.

Molly Houseman, QUT News