A new stage production looks at what life might be like, 20 years from now.

It’s a chance for students from the Australian School of Performing Arts to show off their acting skills.

Andrew Behne reports.


The Future-Is-Now drops the audience into a three part series about life in in twenty years.

Starting in a game show, it moves to students competing against genetically modified classmates.

The final act follows them after a nuclear fallout.

Actors follow a “learning-through-doing” approach.

Amanda Hardwich, ASPFTV Founder: “We created that philosophy because we found that a lot of other drama schools were focussing on theory and games. they weren’t given the opportunity of professional theatres”

QPAC and the Australian School of Performing Arts have teamed up…

Allowing students to perform on a professional platform…

Charlotte Sturgess, Acting Student: “It’s really, really amazing, whenever I tell my friends they are like oh my gosh, It’s such a good experience.”

Their new take on teaching acting is bringing real benefits.

The school is expanding to twelve locations around South-East Queensland. Becoming Brisbane’s most respected performing arts school for younger people.

The show opens on November twelve.

Andrew Behne, QUT News.