Brisbane’s Indian community is celebrating one of its biggest religious events.

The Diwali Festival, represents new beginnings.

Kate Lavrencic reports.


Today King George Square became part of what’s know as the Festival of Lights.

The lighting of the lamp signifies self improvement, harmony and peace.

Navin Kumar, Festival Coordinator: “You’re informing the community and the public that, let’s remove the cruelty and darkness by bringing up this brightness.”

Traditional Indian dance and music featured today.

Within the community the festival continues for five days.. but it’s a celebration for everyone.

Palani Thevar, Indian Communities QLD: “many other multicultural communities, mainstream communities, aboriginal communities, they all support, they will be here to enjoy with us, the celebration today.”

And there’s plenty to tempt ALL the senses.

whilst the event maintains a strong sense of cultural connection, the love of food and sense of comunity can be enjoyed by anyone.

Butter chicken remains a festival favourite.

Food Stall Chef: “We do pretty much authentic Indian here, and it connects all the people.”

And there’s some advice about spice.

Food Stall Chef: “Spice is good, you don’t want to go see the doctor.”

The entertainment continues until 11pm tonight.

Kate Lavrencic, QUT News.