A taste of New Orleans has come to QUT’s Kelvin Grove Campus.

A reboot of “A Streetcar Named Desire” has just opened at La Boite’s Roundhouse Theatre.

Roisin O’Sullivan reports.


Bridie Carter, “Blanche DuBuois”: “I’m not accustomed to having any more than one drink. Two is my limit, and three, well tonight I had three.”

It’s a Tennessee Williams classic and a different role for the McLeod’s Daughters actress.

QUT alumni Colin Smith also scored a lead role.

Colin Smith, “Mitch”: “The text is amazing, it just springs off the page, it has such life to it. And I think Mitch as a character is someone I can relate to quite well.”

The play was written almost 70 years ago, but it shines the light on a topic that was, and still is, kept in the dark.

Todd MacDonald, Director: “Part of the reason I programmed it and we wanted it in the season was around those issues of domestic violence and around the issues of mental illness.”

Those issues are still relevant to a modern-day Australian audience.

Todd MacDonald, Director: “For me, when I read it, it sort of jumped off the page still, and unfortunately in a way that these subjects are still very, very prevalent in our society still. It’s still such a taboo to talk about domestic violence.”

The play runs until November 12.

Roisin O’Sullivan, QUT News.