A recent bout of warm weather is bringing snakes out of hibernation well before summer.

Experts are warning Brisbane residents to be on alert.

Josh Martin reports.


Twenty of the world’s most deadly species of snakes call Australia home.

Already in Queensland this year five hundred people have been bitten.. with at least one fatality.

Graham Quirk, Brisbane Lord Mayor: “People just need to be cautious. And when in doubt there are organisations they can get in touch with to get in control of those matters.”

Snake catchers like Janne are now being called out daily.

Janne Torkkola, Snake Catcher: “Honestly not every snake sighting is really a danger or something you should be concerned about. A lot of the time they’re non-venomous and even the venomous ones will go on their way.”

When in doubt call a professional who’s armed with the right equipment.

Male snakes are most common this time of year as they are looking for a mate. Experts say structures such as trees and logs are where snakes frequent.

And what’s the advice if you’re accidentally are bitten.

Mark Richards, St John Ambulance: “So move away and quietly lay down under a tree. Keep still .Then we apply a firm bandage to immobilise that tissue.”

Today this call out ended being a false alarm, just a blue tongue lizard.

Josh Martin, QUT News.