Sydney police have raided the properties of four NRL player agents.

It’s part of the ongoing investigation into the Parramatta salary cap breach scandal.

Elisabeth Moss reports.


Police arrived at the properties at 9.30 this morning, with search warrants in hand.

The New South Wales Fraud and Cyber Crime squad have been seizing documents, such as player contracts, from the offices of agents.

What they’re looking for is evidence of false invoices and money laundering.

Among those businesses being searched is the office of Jarryd Haynes’ manager, Wayne Beavis.

The Leichardt office of Sam Ayoub and the CBD offices of George Mimis and Paul Sutton are also involved in the raid.

There’s no suggestion that any of these agents are in fact involved in any wrong doing.

Strike Force Rhodium has been investigating Parramatta, since the revelation of the club’s serious breach of the enforced salary cap.

Elisabeth Moss QUT News.