There’s been more debate over suggested changes to Australia’s tough gun laws and in particular a rapid fire shotgun some farmers want.

Former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, says new weapons shouldn’t be allowed at a time of heightened terrorism.

Ashleigh Dwan reports.


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull remains firm on banning the Adler shotgun… but some of his Ministers have other ideas.

Mark Coulton, Nationals MP: “Many of the people I represent in New South Wales are law abiding citizens and they would use shot guns similar to the Adler for pest control and for sporting purposes.”

The rapid-fire weapon was banned last year.

Now there’s growing pressure within conservative ranks to lift the ban.

Labor says the government is willing to trade-off watered down gun laws for Senate votes.

But the foreign minister says the tough restrictions will remain.

Julie Bishop, Foreign Minister: “The Coalition is determined not to weaken our gun laws.”

She says the laws are in place to protect all Australians.

Julie Bishop, Foreign Minister: “They have served us well in the last twenty years, since they were established by the Howard government and we want to ensure we will keep our people safe in this country.”

The states will meet later this week to discuss reclassifying the weapon.

Ashleigh Dwan, QUT News.