It’s the court case that has fascinated much of Queensland.

Gable Tostee, his family, and that of the woman who fell to her death, Warriena Wright, have waited throughout the day for a verdict.

Joseph Ogilvie reports:


It was another long day for jury and onlookers waiting for a verdict in the Gable Tostee trial.

He’s accused of murdering New Zealand tourist Wahreen Wright¬†after she fell from the 14th floor of this his Gold Coast apartment.

The jury began deliberations on Monday

The couldn’t agree on a verdict yesterday and were sent home for the night after asking the judge a number of questions, including one about Tostee’s age and the victims intoxication levels.

When the trial resumed today…, the court room was empty.

The jury was in deliberations.. The judge in chambers and the press waited outside.

Then late this afternoon the jury wanted another clarification from Justice Byrne about language used by the pair.

The trial has been one of the state’s most followed cases alongside that of Gerard Baden-Clay and the death of his wife.

The judge was required to give clear directions to the six men and six women on several occasions.

Its been hard on everyone.

Two families forced to wait longer in a saga that’s been going for more than two years.

For the Tostees, they were unsure if their son would be home for Christmas, while the Wrights simply wanted closure.

All in all a dramatic day.

Joseph Ogilvie, QUT News.