Brisbane finally has its own version of one of the world’s best loved board games.

A new Monopoly board, using well known city locations, came to life at South Bank.

Maudy Veltema reports.


Mister Monopoly drove into Streets Beach to help make the game Brisbanised.

On the ground and in the sky, the message was clear.

The public voted on Facebook to decide which twenty two landmarks would be included on the new board.

For the high rollers it’s the Story Bridge and South Bank instead of Park Lane and Mayfair.

Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk endorsed the people’s choices.

Graham Quirk, Brisbane Lord Mayor: “They are all very loved landmarks of Brisbane and I think the Brisbane people have chosen well.”

But what about when it comes to free parking at Southbank.

Graham Quirk, Brisbane Lord Mayor: “You’ll probably get 200 dollars which will pay for your parking instead of going to jail.”

Even the Community Chest and Chance cards are all about city bonuses and shortfalls.

While many Brisbane landmarks such as city hall have not made it onto the board, Brisbanites selected plenty others, like the Ekka showgrounds.

Brendan Christou, RNA CEO: “The Ekka is such an iconic Queensland event and it’s a perfect match with such an iconic world wide game.”

Brisbane Monopoly collector and real life propery tycoon Kim Kimelkis owns more than 300 boards.

After 20 years of collecting she has some useful advice.

Kim Kimeklis, Monpoly Collector: “Buying them quickly and cheaply and just keep going.”

The game is available in stores from today.

Maudy Veltema, QUT News.