The MELT Festival, which celebrates Brisbane’s gay community, is expected to draw some international acts this year.

Now in its third year, the festival has become an acclaimed event.

Cheryl Tung reports.


Organisers say we should be prepared for jaws to drop and boundaries to break.

MELT has lined up a string of musical performances to entice its audience.

There’ll be five new acts, including virtual reality, cabaret, and drag beauty pageants.

Kris Stewart, Brisbane Powerhouse Artistic Director: “I certainly think the events like MELT really open people’s minds to the perspective of the queer community.”

Mr Stewart says events like this allow artists to express themselves.

He believes one act to look forward to is Hedwig, which bears the same name as a 15-year-old film.

Bertie Page, Hedwig Performer: “Everybody’s coming to see the film, and then the performance afterwards, is going to be in a really good mood – because they’re going to see the absolutely incredible film before we perform. So they’ll be really happy.”

Mr Lees says MELT celebrates what he calls Queer art and culture.

James Lees, MELT Artistic Director: “It’s all about community, it’s all about love.”

He says everyone is invited to the party on opening night, and wants the entire community, not just gays, to experience it.

With over a hundred performers spread across six different venues, MELT promises to impress audiences of all ages. It all happens early next year.

Cherlyn Tung, QUT News.