A five-year old boy is the sole survivor of a crash which claimed the lives of his father, grandfather and a third man.

He’s now recovering in hospital, with his mother by his side.

Maudy Veltema reports.

A local real estate agent was showing the boy, his father and grandfather around a property near Scone.

Their vehicle somehow lost control… then rolled about 400 metres down a cliffside.

The little boy was found wandering around the property, by a neighbour… who alerted emergency services.

The child was airlifted to Newcastle Hospital in a stable condition.

Amazingly he only has a broken arm.

Police and locals are continuing the difficult recovery of the vehicle… And the three bodies.

The mother of two children who died in a suspected murder-suicide with their father, has been described as wonderful, giving and caring.

Police yesterday, found the bodies of Maria Lutz, her husband Fernando Manrique, and their children Elisa and Martin in their Sydney home.

Neighbour: “What a shame that none of us knew. You know these sorts of things happen, you find out afterwards and you all wish you could have done something beforehand.”

The children, both autistic,were students at a nearby school.

The school had alerted police, when the children and their mother did not show up on Monday.

A prayer service was held this morning… The school is offering counselling to anyone affected by the tragedy.

Maudy Veltema, QUT News.