The Palaszczuk Government wants Queensland to reach a 50 per cent renewable energy target.

Some say it could lead to increased costs and decreased reliability.

Molly Houseman reports.


The possibility electricity prices could rise if Queensland switches to 50% renewable energy… Is causing alarm.

Last month, Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg blamed South Australia’s power outage crisis on that state’s reliance on renewable energy.

But Queensland’s Environment Minister believes that’s an overreaction…

Steven Miles, Minister for Environment: “Mr Fryden is acting like chicken little, running around like the sky is going to fall in when in fact we know that leading Queensland companies and leading companies in Queensland are already making this shift”

At the Advancing Queensland Industry Summit in Brisbane today, stakeholders discussed making Queensland a zero emissions state by 2050…

Peter Castellas, Carbon Market Institute CEO: “And so how do we do that transition to a zero emissions economy, I think we’ve already started.”

Hand in hand with renewable energy, comes the debate about carbon emissions and land clearing, with Queensland having one of the highest tree clearing rates in the country.

Steven Miles, Minister for Environment: “We actually need to create incentives for land holders to plant more trees and keep trees in the ground.”

A debate which is sure to grow as the coal state transitions to renewable energy.

Molly Houseman, QUT News