We’re used to the humble pie van and ice cream truck.

But today, the city had some more exotic options.

Food trucks which have proved such a success in Melbourne have come to Brisbane.

Kate Lavrencic reports.

City workers swapped their cheese and tomato sandwiches today and spoiled themselves with something a little more indulgent.

Pop up stores were set up … to serve up … a taste from every corner of the earth.

Josh Menz, Thai BBQ Joint Director: “Basically it’s just a gathering of some of Brisbane’s best food trucks every second Tuesday. Different cuisines from different parts of the world.”

Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth … or are more of a savoury fan, there’s something for everyone.

Customer: “cheap, convenient, yummy looking”

Consumer: “It’s really good actually. Yeah, it’s really convenient and the food’s always pretty good.”

Kate Lavrencic, Piece to Camera: “The popularity of these food trucks has already created a trend in Melbourne, but now, you’re likely to find one pop up on a corner near you, offering great food.”

The trend is right on the council’s menu.

Graham Quirk, Brisbane Lord Mayor: “They are extremely popular.”

The mobility of food trucks is another factor in their popularity …

As is the quality.

Dr Gary Mortimer, QUT Business School: “We’ve got an abundance of, I guess, hungry consumers looking for fresh alternative meals and bringing the foods and the food experience to them is a great way to market products.”

With these kinds of meals on wheels, food in Brisbane is likely to get a whole lot more exotic.

Kate Lavrencic, QUT News.