There’s a brand new complex opening in Brisbane where creative and innovative minds can come together.

The co-working space will be home to more than two hundred start-up businesses.

Elisabeth Moss reports.


It’s about to be a lot easier to kick start a new idea here at what’s called The Capital in Queens Street.

Brisbane City Council is supporting it to the tune of five million dollars over the next five years.

Graham Quirk, Brisbane Lord Mayor: “We’ve got a capacity here to take the individual person that’s got a bright idea that needs support around them, to be able to bounce those ideas off and get the experience and support around them.”

The Lord Mayor wants the CBD to be more of a Clever Business District, bringing more jobs to the city.

Cat Matson, Digital Brisbane: “They help create jobs in the new economy where we’re building, say for example coding skills or where we’re building engineering skills.”

Everything here is brand new, equipped and ready to go.

The Capital is designed to bring together exciting startups with ideas ranging from online photography courses, to hands on coding workshops for kids.

The Capital is already home to Sydney start up company Fishburners and Brisbane’s Little Tokyo Two.

Jock Fairweather, Little Tokyo Two: “we put the right people in the right place, in the right environemnt, at the right time and we provide them with the opportunities they need to succeed.”

From Thursday, it’s officially open for business.

Elisabeth Moss, QUT News.