The jury in the trial of accused Tinder date killer Gable Tostee has retired to consider its verdict.
Earlier, the Supreme Court judge clearly explained their options in the murder trial.

Joseph Ogilvie reports.


A familiar sight with the accused walking across Roma Street with a poker face.

He’s charged with murdering New Zealander Wahreena Wright after she fell from the balcony of this Gold Coast apartment block.

Justice John Byrne reviewed the evidence presented from both sides for a final time to the jury.

He says the jury is to not consider Tostee’s actions following the death…

Or his choice not to give evidence as an admission of guilty.

Tostee’s decision to order pizza and exit through his building’s basement after she fell was highly publicised.

Justice John Byrne made it clear there were three factors to consider if they were to prove Tostee guilty of murder, firstly that he intimidated Ms Wright, secondly that the intimidation let her to take action and finally that the action resulted to her death.

Justice Byrne highlighted the issue of self-defence after Ms Wright hit Tostee with rocks and a telescope clamp in an apparent drunken state.

The prosecution argues Tostee’s decision to then lock Ms Wright on the balcony was more force than reasonable.

The jury also heard about the saddening final moments of Ms Wright’s life… Justice Byrne saying she fell just seconds after being locked out, and never stood a chance of making it to the balcony below.

The jury has the option of murder, manslaughter or acquital.

This is day six of the trial.

Joseph Ogilvie, QUT News