Hawthorn midfielder Jordan Lewis is even closer to making a controversial move to the Demons this AFL trade period.

Elisabeth Moss reports.

Hawthorn appear to have relented on their earlier decision to keep the 30-year-old, following team-mate Sam Mitchell’s shock departure.

The Hawks Veteran was described last week as a “contracted and required” player by Hawthorn list manager Graham Wright.

The Brisbane Bullets have suffered their first National Basketball League defeat since returning to the league, after a nail-biting fourth quarter against the Adelaide 36-ers.

Commentary, NBL Brisbane V Adelaide: “You’re gonna have to hold on for another five minutes”

The Bullets maintained a lead for most of the game until the final 30-seconds, before being defeated in overtime, 96-93.

And the Brisbane Roar have been thrashed 4-Nil by Newcastle.

Head Coach John Aloisi says it’s the worst he’s seen the team play.

The Roar are now second-last on the A-league table.

Elisabeth Moss, QUT News.