October is not a good time of the year for the RSCPA.

The animal welfare group is trying to deal with the start of the tick season and is also overwhelmed by people surrendering animals.

Jessica McGrath reports.


There’s simply not enough room for all these animals.

Some wait up to three weeks to come in.

The RSPCA can only afford to take in sick or injured animals.

Those healthy enough must find alternate shelters such as pounds.

Michael Beatty says owners should realise having a pet is a privilege and a responsibility.

Michael Beatty, RSPCA: “They shouldn’t expect that just because it’s suddenly become inconvenient for them to keep their animal, that they can just dump the animal with us.

Currently, staff are managing more than 200 dogs alone at the Wacol centre.

Part of this influx is due to animals coming in with tick paralysis.

They come in through the ambulance, private surrenders and overnight drop boxes at pounds.

Rebecca Stewart, RSPCA Associate Vet: “We’ve had a huge increase, I think just in one week, we had about 16 recovering tick cases, just of cats in the hospital at any one stage.”

While the cost of tick treatments is a major factor in abandonment, prevention and daily checks during tick season are the best ways to look after your pet.

After the RSPCA vets have done all they can for those sick or injured like Peggy, there is only one more thing needed for a full recovery, a loving home.

Jessica McGrath, QUT News.