Many women would hate to be seen in an upmarket hotel in their PJ’s – it’s just not the done thing!

But if it raises money for cancer prevention, why not?

And that’s what dozens of women have done.

Talissa Siganto reports.


The Stamford Plaza hosted the first of this years ‘Girls Night In’ events.

It held a pyjama party to encourage others to join the fundraiser.

The campaign asks girls to stay home and party instead of going out, and then donate the saving to the Cancer Council.

Katie Clift, Cancer Council Queensland: “So all the funds that we raise from Girls Night In this October goes straight back into supporting women affected by breast and gynaecological cancers. So all our vital research every year, our patient support and our prevention programs as well.”

For some, the launch of the event was especially important.

Emma Morrisey, Campaigner: “I actually lost my mother to breast cancer so it’s important to not only raise awareness but raise some really great funds and you know get the girls together and talk about these things.”

Around 3000 Queensland women are diagnosed with breast and gynaecological cancer every year.

And one of six of us will be given one of those diagnosis in our lifetime.

Girls Night In hopes to raise $1.4 million in 2016.

Talissa Siganto, QUT News