Evidence has finished in the trial of the man charged with the murder of a woman who plunged 14 floors from a Gold Coast balcony.

But the jury won’t deliver a verdict until next week.

The case of Gable Tostee and the woman he met on the social site Tinder, has fascinated court followers.

Anisha Mistry reports.


It was the closing day of evidence.

And Gable Tostee decided not to take the stand in the murder trial of New Zealand tourist Warriena Wright.

His counsel said he wouldn’t be calling witness either.

That left the jury to consider the summing up from both counsel.

The prosecutor, Glen Cash told them Tostee scared Ms Wright so much that he caused her death as much as if he pushed her.

He says Ms Wright only had two options when Tostee forced her onto the balcony.

To try to make her way into the apartment and expose herself to Tostee once again, or attempt to climb down to the next balcony.

He says the force used by Tostee was unreasonable.

And that was proven by “the panic and desperation in Ms Wright’s voice”.

But defence barrister, Saul Holt criticised the way the prosecution had analysed that section of the recording.

He called it a “gross, unreal analysis of the events”.

The defence claims the prosecution glossed over Ms Wright’s actions on the night of the death, ignoring her violence and irrationality.

Gable Tostee pleaded not guilty to the murder of the 26-year-old.

She fell from a 14th floor balcony on the Gold Coast in August last year.

With final summations having been presented to the jury, a decision is not expected to be reached until Monday.

Both sides have been encouraged to consider both arguments critically.

Anisha Mistry, QUT News.