Queensland may be the nation’s sunshine state, but an ANZ report says things aren’t looking so bright for our finances.

And in parliament, the state’s opposition blamed the government for the downturn.

Samantha Chariton reports.


Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk was bombarded with questions about Queensland’s finances.

Scott Emerson, Opposition Treasurer: “This is what we see from this government, a government that’s anti-jobs, anti-investment, and anti-business is doing damage to this state economy.”

The opposition labelled the premier as Anna Bligh, take two.

But the Premier maintained that the ANZ report reflects confidence in the state, not the real economic status.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Qld Premier: “There’s one thing that we won’t do in government, and that is talk down Queensland, because we will back Queenslanders all the time.”

She says increases in property development and initiatives like the $20,000 First Home Owner grant will mean a positive future for Queensland residents.

But despite the Premier’s praise for the first home owner’s grant, it’s not all good news for the housing market.

A Domain report shows vacant homes are on the rise.

Released today, the report says Brisbane’s number of vacant homes at two pont six is the second highest in the country.

And the state’s units also came in at number with a three point two percent vacancy rate.

The glut is good news for those wanting to rent and bad news for owners and developers.

Samantha Chariton, QUT News.