There are fresh calls for the state government to reconsider its controversial lockout laws.

While Fortitude Valley stakeholders are aiming to promote a more positive Brisbane nightlife.

Reece D’Alessandro reports.


What goes on after dark says a lot about a city’s culture.

A new artwork unveiled today on James Street in the Valley is challenging the Palaszczuk government’s lockout laws.

The piece, titled ‘blackout in a glasshouse’, highlights the positive experiences that can only take place after dark.

Nicholas Braban, Our Nightlife QLD Secretary: “It’s not going to solve the problem of alcohol-related violence, it’s only going to reduce the output of our city in terms of culture and the economy, so we need to think of smarter ways that nurture our night time economy, not shackle it.”

LA based Australian artist, Jonathan Zawada says the piece encourages culture within society.

Jonathan Zawada, Artist: “The idea is essentially that there’s a kind of beauty that you get only in certain circumstances.”

The first phase of Labor’s lock-out laws came into effect in July, but there’s still more restrictions to come.

If the State Government sticks with its current legislation, from February one next year, a 1 AM lockout will apply to all businesses in 15 Safe Night Out precincts across Queensland.

The artwork will be on show until Saturday.

Reece D’Alessandro, QUT News.