The Turnbull government has made an embarrassing procedural mistake.

A Minister voted for an amendment, criticising her own government’s tax policy.

Labor has seized on the mistake to accused the coalition of losing control over the Lower House.

Anisha Mistry reports.


Soon after the amendment was passed, it was exposed as a blunder.

Andrew Leigh, Shadow Assistant Treasurer: “I’d like to very much thank the Minister, as she leaves the chamber, for voting for my second reading amendment.”

Liberal MP Kelly O’Dwyer voted for a bill that calls for the Turnbull government to explain why it has failed to close tax loopholes and increased transparency in Australia.

Leader of the House, often referred to as the fixer, says the vote was simply a human error.

Christopher Pyne, Leader of the House: “It was a series of events that led to this outcome and it is a pity, it is a pity.”

Last month the government lost three procedural votes when senior MPs left the lower house chamber early.

Several members of the opposition say the mistakes show the coalition is incompetent, yet another blow to Mr Turnbull’s leadership.

MP speaking: “It’s a revolving door of mistakes for this mob.”

Some good news for the coalition, the PM signed an updated trade deal with Singapore this morning.

But the relationship was soured somewhat with the revelation that Mr Turnbull’s son was openly critical of the Singaporean government on his Facebook page, under the pseudonym Alex Robertson.

He accused Singapore of ignoring dangerous levels of air pollution, putting people’s lives at risk.

The Facebook page was taken down last night.

Anisha Mistry, QUT News.