A report released today says a foreign power was responsible for hacking the Weather Bureau.

Experts believe other departments have been compromised as well.

Samantha Chariton reports. 


It’s been suggested China is behind the attempt to access sensitive information, but the Federal Government won’t confirm that.

Dan Tehan, Cyber Security Minister: “We don’t narrow it down to specific countries and we do that deliberately, but what we have indicated is that cyber espionage is alive and well.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre says it detected suspicious activity on two of the Bureau’s computers.

The Bureau of Meteorology is considered a critical national resource, and a foreign power would place a high value on its scientific research.

Alastair MacGibbon, Prime Minister’s Adviser on Cyber Security: “The best thing we can do as a nation is to learn the patterns of activity that allowed us to be compromised the first time”.

The hack may provide access to other sensitive government information.

Samantha Chariton, QUT News.