The row over gay marriage has again dominated Federal Parliament.

The government is pushing ahead with its plebiscite plans despite Labor’s decision not to support it.

But it seems a lost cause.

Reece D’Alessandro reports.


Not now..or in the near future.

Hopes that gay marriage might soon be legalised in Australia are quickly fading, following Labor’s decision to block the same-sex marriage plebiscite.

And it continued to cause angst in Canberra today.

Warren Entsch LNP: “So far, I don’t think either side can claim the high moral ground”.

Bill Shorten has reiterated his party’s position, saying an expensive and non-binding plebiscite would mentally harm the gay and lesbian community.

Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader: “Well first of all, its not a good idea”.

His Senate Leader, Penny Wong says, the government will need to go with a plan B.

Barnaby Joyce Deputy Prime Minister: “Everybody’s trying to come up with this so-called ‘plan B’. Plan B is straighten out the economy, plan B is build dams, plan B is to make sure that we get the inland rail built”.

The concern now … Marriage equality will be put on the back burner… Indefinitely.

Warren Entsch LNP: “Every issue has its time in the sun, when the national conversation is at its peak, but when that moment passes, it can be years before momentum again reaches the point of change.”

Reece D’Alessandro, QUT News.