There’ve been more bikes on Brisbane’s roads today with the annual Ride to Work event.

And those who took part were rewarded with a free breakfast.

Samantha Chariton reports…


A refueling stop in the CBD for bike commuters and it’s all in the name of easing congestion on Brisbane’s busy streets.

Today, riders nationwide hit the road early for the Ride2Work Day Australia’s biggest celebration of commuters ditching their cars for a healthier option.

Bernard Powell, Cyclist: “I just enjoy the commute, it refreshes me every morning when I come in and after a busy day it’s a great way to go back home, forget the cares of the world, so to speak”.

In Brisbane, Bicycle Queensland played host handing out healthy snacks, plenty of coffee, and a few motivating words.

Ben Wilson, Bicycle Queensland: “Because we need to remind them that there’s one heck of a lot of people out there who really aren’t thinking about parking their cars as much as thinking about having a safe bikeway to get to work”.

And it creates a two wheel fraternity.

Along with reducing traffic on Brisbane streets, Ride2work day is an opportunity for bike commuters to mingle, and even convince coworkers to join in as well.

At QUT’s Kelvin Grove campus students could learn all about the latest trends in push biking.

With better safety policies and increasing pathways opening for cycling enthusiasts it’s never been easier to get on board.

Samantha Chariton, QUT News.