Another surfer is recovering after a shark attack at Ballina.

Shark nets are set to be installed around the northern New South Wales coast following the attack.

Gizelle Ghidella reports.


The latest incident happened just north of Lighthouse Beach where there’s been a spate of recent attacks.

Seneca Rus: “I was just laying on my board and unexpectedly a shark came up from underneath and knocked me off my board and yeah took a bit of a chunk out of my leg one of the teeth and mainly just got the board and the fibre glass”.

The 25 year old surfer also suffered a graze to his face.

Seneca Rus: “Yeah it was up on this side a bit”.

The attack forced the closure of all surrounding beaches for 24 hours.

Seneca Rus: “Surfers had come in and we just couldn’t believe what happened and I checked my leg and  I could see there was a cut there”.

He was taken to Ballina Hospital for treatment.

It’s the sixth attack in the area in the past twenty-one months.

Gizelle Ghidella, QUT New.