Queensland members of the Australian Paralympic team have received a warm welcome home at King George Square.

The Premier led a crowd of supporters in congratulating the athletes.

Natalie O’Brien reports.

A hero’s entrance for our Olympic heroes.

It’s been a busy month for the Australian Paralympic team.

Swimmer Lakeisha Patterson picked up six medals – two of them gold, and two world records.

Lakeisha Patterson, Paralympic Gold Medalist: “When I walked out on my final on my very first day, the 400 freestyle, and um, hearing the crowd and it was pretty, yeah it was electric.”

For some, the reality of their achievements is yet to kick in.

Paracanoeist, Curtis McGrath had the honour of carrying the Australian flag in the closing ceremony.

Curtis McGrath, Paralympic Gold Medalist: “Crossing the line was a great sense of relief and I’m just glad that all the hard work and all the people that helped me to get to this stage all paid off.”

The team brought home 81 medals from Rio.

Tony Dee, the voice behind the viral video “We’re the Superhumans” performed.

Tony Dee, Singer: “I can do anything, yes I can.”

This Brisbane celebration marks the final stop for the Queensland paralympic team, who will return to daily life.

Lakeisha Patterson, Paralympic Gold Medalist: “It’s just good to be back.”

Natalie O’Brien, QUT News.