With storm season fast approaching, Queenslanders are being warned to prepare for the worst.

The Bureau of Meteorology predicts the state will see increased flash flooding and more cyclones than usual over the summer.

Lily Nothling reports.


Queenslanders are no strangers to wild weather.

This year, the forecast is set to be even wilder.

At the launch of the RACQ’s Get Ready Week, the Bureau of Meteorology says there’s a 60 per cent chance Queensland will exceed its average number of cyclones.

Bruce Gunn, Bureau of Meteorology: “That means that we’re most likely to get anywhere between two and six cyclones in the Coral Sea, and up to two cyclones in the Gulf of Carpentaria.”

That means we should be clearing up and planning now.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Qld Premier: “So today, my message to all Queenslanders is please make sure that you are ready, that you are prepared.

Drivers are reminded not to take risks on flooded roads.

Paul Turner, RACQ: “This is the year that we want to have a fatality-free summer season when it comes to cars being dragged off roadways and bridges due to floodwaters.

Brisbane’s already had a taste of what’s to come.

A violent storm last week uprooted trees and battered homes in Rochdale.

Houses like this one saw the worst of the damage, and the recovery process is still underway. Queenslanders with low-lying or pre-1980s homes are urged to have an evacuation plan at the ready.

Residents also are reminded they can sign up for early warning alerts.

Lily Nothling, QUT News