Ground breaking Queensland research has found a solution to major crop loss from fruit flies.

It’s a seemingly simple invention but it has global implications for Australian farmers.

Zarisha Bradley reports.

These insects may look harmless but they are responsible for damage that costs our farmers five hundred million dollars each year.

That’s now set to change.

Prof. Dick Drew, Centre for Managing Fruit Flies: “We’ve been working on this specific project for 10 years. But it’s also based on 30-40 years of fruit fly research.

This is the ‘holy grail’ of fruit fly traps called ‘Fruition’.

It promises new hope for boosting agricultural production.

Fruition’s inventor joined forces with AgNova Technologies to attract and trap mature egg-laying females.

Previous protein baits only snared 70-80 per cent of flies, this new trap catches them all.

Nathan Hancock, Citris Australia: “In the past we haven’t had anything that really targeted the female who is really doing the damage. She’s laying the eggs in the fruit.”

Andrew Wattson,AgNova Technologies: “In terms of price to the grower depending on how many packs they will buy, $25 or there abouts and depending on how many packs they will buy.”

And it’s hoped growers in other countries will take the bait.

This ground breaking research is not only a national but global solution, putting an end to children as young as five having never had eaten fruit before as a result of fruit fly damage.

It’s estimated this Fruition trap will save Australia’s horticulture industry $4.8 billion annually.

Zarisha Bradley, QUT News.