First they designed a mobile laundry for homeless people, now two innovative Queenslanders are offering free showers-on-wheels.

And to mark World Homeless Day, they set up their mobile services in the heart of the city.

Natalie O’Brien reports.

Two years ago Orange Sky Laundries took to the streets.

Since then it’s been rolled out across the country, cause for a birthday celebration.

Nicholas Marchesi, Co-Founder: “Two years ago my mate and I had a really crazy idea of chucking two washing machines and two dryers in the back of an old van and simply driving around and washing and drying clothes for free.”

And as part of this birthday bash in the Queen Street Mall there were free hot showers on tap.

Lucas Patchett, Co-Founder: “About a month ago, Orange Sky opened its doors to a brand new van and what that van’s got is two showers, two basins, and enough hot water for about three hours worth of showers being fully self sufficient.”

And those who need it most are grateful.

Raymond: “If they’re living on the streets, or um, sleeping in the parks, they’d probably need their clothes washed and able to have a shower.”

It’s a good opportunity to simply sit down for some street talk.

Paul: “Just to get nice fresh clothes and having a chat by someone who really cares about you and listens to what your talking about.”

So how do they fund these free services?

Mainly with crowd funding and corporate donations.

These new shower vans are being trialed here in Brisbane and this is currently the only van on the road in Australia.

In Brisbane, more than five thousand people spend each night on the streets, maybe now a little more comfortably.

Natalie O’Brien, QUT News.