Australian politicians from all sides have condemned Donald Trump’s comments about women.

But in the corridors of Parliament, two Senators almost came to blows.

Derryn Hinch took exception to the way Pauline Hanson expressed herself on morning television.

Eilish Massie reports.


The heated debate between the two Senators, began at breakfast.

Senator Pauline Hanson: “There are a lot of men out there that say horrific things probably up to the same standard of Donald Trump.”
Senator Derryn Hinch: “No Pauline, I can’t get away from that.”
Senator Pauline Hanson: “And there are women as well that say awful things.”

It continued in the corridors of Parliament.

Senator Hinch said it was disgraceful Hanson supported Trump, who he described as a ‘sexual predator’.

Senator Derryn Hinch: “If you as a woman can make any justification for what he has said and what he has done.”

And, at the lift.

Senator Derryn Hinch: “If you are even slightly right then God help this country and God help the world.”

The Prime Minister joined the condemnation.

Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnball: “They are loathsome and they deserve the absolutely universal condemnation that they’ve received.”

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce took it one step further…. Slamming both the Democrats and Republicans for digging dirt from each other’s past.

Eilish Massie, QUT News.