Workplace safety experts are still trying to determine the cause of an accident, which killed two construction workers at Eagle Farm Racecourse.

The men, aged 34 and 55, were crushed by a concrete slab.

Rhiannon Kallio reports.


Both workers and authorities are still shocked, they are unsure how such an accident could happen.

This was the situation when paramedics arrived at the racecourse just after 4 PM yesterday.

A concrete slab, weighing around 10 tonnes toppled from a crane, crushing the men.

The Industrial Relations and Racing Minister Grace Grace offered her condolences.

Grace Grace, Industrial Relations and Racing Minister: “I want to first of all not only offer my sympathies of course not only for the family and friends and relatives of the two deceased workers who clearly have paid the ultimate price through no fault of their own by losing their lives on a tragic workplace accident.”

The slab was being moved into place for a multi-million dollar redevelopment including hundreds of new stables.

This morning Work Place Health and Safety officials began collecting eyewitness reports and evidence.

Union officials said work colleagues who witnessed the accident have been offered counselling and in a mark of respect, there will be no work on site today.

Distressed relatives of one of the workers visited the sight.. demanding answers.

So far this year 18 workers have lost their lives on Queensland construction sites.

Rhiannon Kallio, QUT News.