Queensland’s newest palliative care centre for children has officially opened its doors.

Hummingbird House aims to provide world class care for patients and their families.

Lily Greer reports.


After operating on a trial basis earlier this year, Hummingbird House has been officially opened .

For co-founders, Gabrielle and Paul Quilliam, it’s all about giving back to the parents.

Gabrielle Quilliam, Co-founder: “It’s an incredibly happy place where families can reconnect and kids can just be kids and treasured moments can be made.”

The centre has eight bedrooms for patients and five family suites.

The home also has a unique end-of-life suite, giving families time and space to say goodbye to their children.

Dr Fiona Hawthorne, General Manager: “Families who live with and love a child with a life-limiting illness spend too much time in a hospital. So we’ve tried to turn this into a home.”

At any given time, there are 3700 Queensland families that have a child not expect to reach the age of 18. These families, now have access to end of life care for their children 24 hours a day, free of charge.

A gourmet chef, playrooms and a rooftop terrace makes this space feel like a home away from home.

Mikaela, Hummingbird House guest: “It’s a hotel for sick kids.”

Parents and staff hope that Hummingbird House is not the last of its kind.

Lily Greer, QUT News