For the first time in Commonwealth Games history, both men and women will compete for an equal number of medals on the Gold Coast.

Seven new events have been added to the women’s program.

Katherine Willis reports.


The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games is raising the bar for gender equality.

Extra events span across boxing, cycling and weightlifting.

In all a record two hundred and seventy five medals will up for grabs.

Stirling Hinchliffe, Minister, Commonwealth Games: “This is a great step forward for equality in our society, in our world and particularly in the world of sport.”

Two thousand and eighteen will be the most inclusive Commonwealth Games in history.

Georgia Sheehan, Australian diver: “Inclusion of events is great. Recognising women in sport and empowering young girls to show them that it is ok.”

And it’s set to feature the largest para-sports program, with more than 300 athletes competing.

While the commonwealth games is still two years away, Brisbane will get the chance to welcome home some of our current sporting heroes at a celebration on October 11th at King George Square

Brisbane residents and fan sports are invited to show their colours and welcome the athletes home in green and gold.

Katherine Willis, QUT News.