There’s been traffic chaos in two capital cities.

Near Brisbane, a truck dropped a load of nails over the Pacific Motorway causing major delays.

And in Adelaide, police closed an expressway to investigate a fatal accident, allegedly caused by car thieves.

Danielle Veivers reports.


The fiery crash overnight on Adelaide’s Southern Expressway killed a 48 year old woman and injured two other drivers.

Police allege it was caused by a fifteen year old boy driving a stolen ute.

He and his seventeen-year-old passenger face multiple charges.

Tess Cutts, Witness: “People come running as soon as the car went bang, flames went up straight away and there was people running everywhere, two people went running off that way.”

The ute crashed into three separate vehicles when it was turning off the expressway.

One of the cars it hit burst into a fireball trapping the woman, the drivers of the two other vehicles are in a serious condition in hospital.

Superintendent Lyn Dunstan, SA Police: “The green stolen ute passed that police car at an estimated speed in excess of one-hundred-and-sixty kilometers an hour.”

The teenagers were also hurt, and were under police guard in the same hospital, before appearing in court.

Danielle Veivers, QUT News.