An event this weekend is opening doors and minds to good design and curious spaces.

Thousands of people are expected to take a peek at some of Brisbane’s most loved buildings.

Meg Waller reports.


More than one hundred buildings will be showcased in Brisbane this weekend.

The free public festival allows residents behind-the-scenes access.

Darren Lockyer, Brisbane Open House Ambassador: “There is a lot of history in Brisbane that doesn’t get told and walking into structures you might not walk in just off the street – so that’s what Open House allows you to do.”

The concept originated in London, celebrating design of all ages.

Open house isn’t just about our heritage listed buildings, it’s also about our state of the art design in commercial buildings, like here, 480 Queen Street.

Spanning across fifty-six thousand, two hundred square metres, the building’s premium design features have set a new standard in Australian offices.

Stewart Armstrong, General Manager, Heritage and Advocacy, National Trust of Queensland: I think part of the qualities of the city is how those two sets of values sit together and how the good design of today can become the heritage of tomorrow.

The event will run through until Sunday and is a must do for those who want an insight into the past, present and future of Brisbane architecture.

Meg Waller, QUT News.