On a scorching summer’s day there is nothing better than a fresh, golden, juicy mango.

But how much would you pay for one?

Well today someone forked out almost fifteen hundred dollars.

Alison Prowse reports.


Spirits were high at the Brisbane Farmers Market this morning… Ready for the fifteenth annual mango auction in support of Queensland Diabetes and Life Education.

The bidding kicked-off, at ten thousand dollars for the tray.

Four bidders battled it out.

Last year’s tray raised thirty thousand dollars – a long way off the record of seventy thousand.

But today no one had such deep pockets.

Newcomer George Manettas of Earth Markets Burleigh took the tray with a twenty two thousand dollar bid.

Crowned the Mango King he proudly showed off his tray of gold.

George Manettas, Mango King: “It was a bargain, definitely. I was expecting it to go a lot higher.”

The auction symbolises the start of the mango season.

The winning tray came from Berry Springs in the Northern Territory.

Despite a late start to the season due to weather conditions across the state, grocers can expect to be fully stocked with mangoes by the end of the month.

Alison Prowse, QUT News