An inquiry is under way to find out if a toxic leak north of Brisbane caused the death of twenty chickens.

Moreton Bay Council ordered the investigation … after the chickens died from cancer.

Tahlia Rowley reports.


This site on Marsden Road at Dakabin is where the contamination is thought to have come from.

It’s an old dump, less than two-hundred meters from where the chicken farm was.

The landfill site has been closed for more than a decade, it’s now home to North Pine Soccer Club.

Brent Wright, President, North Pine Soccer Club: “As a club, we’re very concerned because we don’t want somebody getting sick and then all of a sudden finding out it was from the grounds.”

Moreton Bay Council is checking records to see if water and soil contamination tests were taken when the chickens began to die in 2013.

Locals remember waste leaking from a nearby creek.

Judy Newton, Former North Pine Member: “Down in the back corner on field number two there was always a terrible patch of shocking seepage. It was ugly looking seepage and the kids would get rashes.”

Everything from old cars to chemicals were dumped at the old Dakabin tip which residents believe is the source of the contamination.

Mrs Newton says she knew the dump would affect the area one day.

Judy Newton, Former North Pine Member: “We knew it was coming, seeping up from the dump but we didn’t know as to what toxins were in it or as to how bad it was.”

Current tenants want testing as a priority.

Brent Wright, North Pine Soccer Club President: “We would like the council and the Department of Environments to investigate. Not to be rude but if they can spend money on other clubs in the area.”

Residents first raised concerns three years ago.

Tahlia Rowley, QUT News.