The Brisbane Bullets basketball team are bouncing back… after almost a decade off the court.

New head coach Andrejs Lemanis will lead the team into tonight’s opening game of the season.

Tahnee-Jae Lopez-Vito reports.


This is how their Brisbane fans may remember them when they last played in two thousand and eight.

With no financial backing the Bullets couldn’t shoot. But now thanks the NBLs executive chairman Larry Kestelman, they’re and loaded and ready to fire.

They trained today ready to take on the Perth Wildcats at Brisbane’s Entertainment Centre tonight.

Andrej Lemanis, Bullet’s Coach: “And people are stoked to have us back in the league and I think it’s reflected tonight by the number of people that are going to be in this building.”

The club holds the NBL’s record winning streak of 21 games in a row before their demise.

It’s been nine years since a legion of bullet fans watched their home team win a grand final . And tonight’s crowd are hoping win big to start off with a big victory to start of the season.

Some of the boys playing in tonight’s game include American imports Jermaine Beal and Torrey Craig.

The coach is quietly confident.

Andrej Lemanis, Bullet’s Coach: “When you get old like me you just realise the most important thing is staying focused and in the moment, and take care of business as it unfolds and how to ride the highs and lows that will come.”

Former coach Brian Kerle will call tonight’s match on ABC radio.

The Bullets are one of eight teams competing this season.

Tahnee-Jae Lopez-Vito, QUT News.