There’s a new push underway to counter the growth of organised crime in Queensland.

Both the state and federal governments are joining forces to form a highly specialised border security task force.

Jenny Archdall reports.


This is what the authorities are taking a stronger stance against – the flow of illegal contraband into Queensland.

The force is a fusion of not only state and federal police, but also customs, border protection, taxation and surveillance agencies.

And the gloves are off.

Michael Keenan, Federal Justice Minister: “Illicit drugs are their principle source of profit 60 per cent of Australia’s highest risk criminal targets are specifically involved in the ice market.”

It’s organised crime syndicates that are the main main focus.

Fifteen people have already faced arrest for the 47 offences under the new task force, including the importation of 90 kilograms of cocaine.

But it’s not just about closely monitoring Queensland’s borders.

Sharon Cowden, Australian Federal Police: “Look organised crime is border-less and the agencies, the Australian federal police and all the partners of the task force need to take that border-less approach.”

Twenty-eight task force officers are already operating from Customs House at Brisbane Airport.

Bill Byrne, Queensland Police Minister: “There is a complete unity of purpose, one sheet of music when it comes to these matters between the state and federal agencies and governments.”

And the Queensland Government itself is injecting an extra than $39 million to turn the tide on organised crime.

Jenny Archdall, QUT News.