An 83-year-old woman has suffered painful injuries after a senseless attack in Sydney’s south-west.

The grandmother was walking in Moorebank when she became the target of a much younger woman.

Tahlia Rowley reports.


Lorette Doueihi is described as a loving grandmother, and what happened to her has stunned her family and police.

She was shoved to the ground by a woman trying to steal her handbag.

The attacker didn’t get it, and ran from the scene, leaving Mrs Doueihi bleeding on the footpath.

Police say the assault was despicable.

Ken Hardie, Detective Chief Inspector, Liverpool Police: “This disgraceful and callous attack on this defenseless elderly woman is, I don’t know what to say, it’s just unbelievable.”

Mrs Doueihi has been afraid to leave her home since the attack.

She’s faced the media this week because she wants justice.

Police are seeking help from the public to identify the person responsible.

Ken Hardie, Detective Chief Inspector, Liverpool Police: “We need information to catch this animal so that she can be brought before the courts and dealt with.”

The suspect she may well strike again if not caught.

The woman is described as being 20 to 30 years old and Caucasian in appearance.

She was wearing dark clothing, boots and possibly carrying a backpack.

Tahlia Rowley, QUT News.