A not-for-profit Brisbane restaurant is training and employing female African refugees.

And Mu’ooz in West End is offering their authentic North-East African cuisine.

Katherine Willis reports.


Mu’ooz has employed more than one-hundred refugee women in the past seven years.

Most are now employed elsewhere.

Owner Saba Abraham set up the restaurant in 2003.

She says it’s about creating opportunities for women who’ve experienced war and torment.

Saba Abraham, Owner, Mu’ooz: “It’s not about money, it is about how we can empower yourself and your family and how you can be part of this society.”

The women come from across Africa – most have experienced war and lost loved ones.

The staff here pride themselves on good service, but also fantastic food.

Meanwhile, up to one hundred people marched along Adelaide Street today, demanding better treatment for refugees.

Rev. Sue Wilton, St John’s Anglican Cathedral: “We owe them protection. What are we doing? We do not want this to be part of Australia’s history and Australia’s legacy.”

Today’s protest was in solidarity with the people of Nauru, who’ve been protesting every day since March.

Katherine Willis, QUT News.