The clean up from a violent storm which hit Brisbane’s southern suburbs late yesterday is continuing.

Our first storm of the season struck in dramatic fashion, ripping roofs off houses, downing trees and blacking out tens of thousands of homes.

Tianna Balmer reports.


This is what it looked like.. 80 kilometer an hour winds and driving rain hit around sunset.

Residents from Rochedale described the storm as a mini tornado and feared for their lives.

Janet Barker: “We’ve lived here 27,28 years and under the carport, the water was hitting the glass door as if someone was throwing water at it. It’s never happened like that before.”

Dianne Bolton: “Very frightening, never seen something like that before.”

Within only minutes, the storm left a trail of severe carnage.

State Emergency Services say they received 60 calls for help last night.

This house in particular suffered significant damage, losing most of its roof.

Steve Wardell, SES: The SES are volunteers and they do come out from their work and home and they are there to help the vulnerable people in the community but if people can help themselves, it does release the SES to look after the most vulnerable.

SES crews worked for most of the day.

With storm season approaching, emergency services are reminding the public to beware of fallen trees and power-lines and to never drive or walk through flood waters.

With storm season almost upon us the RACQ is advising home owners to take safety precautions to ensure their insurance policies are up to date and have the correct coverage.

Anna Jeffries, RACQ: “They need to make sure they do lots of little checks like checking their gutters and making sure their home insurance is up to date.”

Today’s clear warm weather, predicted to continue for the rest of the week, is at least some relief to those trying to clean up after yesterday’s wild weather.

Tianna Balmer, QUT News.