It’s that time of year when Queenslanders are urged to swap their desks for the outdoors in the name of a healthier work force.

The initiative is all part of “Walk at Work” Week.

Rhiannon Kallio reports.


You could call them happy feet – from October 4th to 6th the Heart Foundation wants to see more of them during the average working day.

It’s all about encouraging people to move more, and sit less.

Stephen Vines, CEO, Heart Foundation: “Walking is certainly very good for your heart health. Studies have shown that walking for more than 150 minutes a week certainly reduces your risk of heart disease”

But it also helps avoid chronic diseases like diabetes, that come from being over weight.

Dane Bird-Smith, Olympic Medalist: “Getting a little bit more active and these small little steps that can change in the workplace will help more down the track.”

Dane Bird-Smith won bronze in the 20-K walk and is an ambassador for this initiative.

Dane Bird-Smith, Olympic Medalist: “For me, I’ll be participating by walking at work, which is my work is walking.

The idea is to spread the walking word throughout the week.

Andrew Ross, Queensland Walks: “We’re very open to whatever people are bringing forward this week and there have been some good ideas, even down to going to the next cafe to get your morning coffee rather than the one closest to you.”

The culmination will be this Friday, with the Heart Foundations Walk to Work day, encouraging commuters to that extra distance and get off a few stops earlier.

Rhiannon Kallio, QUT News