The first paying passengers were at Kippa Ring Station before dawn this morning to board the new Redcliffe Peninsula train line.

On day one of the service, more than two thousand commuters used the line.

Lily Greer reports.


The long-awaited train line boasts a 55-minute journey from Kippa Ring to Central Station, cutting up to 30 minutes off travel time.

Allan Sutherland, Moreton Bay Mayor: “Well it’s really a transformational piece of infrastructure, it’s had benefits already now before it even started coming to use.”

Passengers boarded the first train at 3:52 this morning, community response has been mostly positive.

Vox 1: “So I’ll use it to go into the city to meet up with my friends and just generally. But I couldn’t wait to get here.”

The resulting connectivity is expected to benefit university students, city workers and local tourism.

The trainline’s success will come down to how many cars it can get off the roads. Each full train is expected to get up to 600 vehicles off the M1.

The railway, which stretches 12.6 kilometres from North Brisbane to Redcliffe, has also sparked a boom in the Peninsula’s housing market.

Andrew Campbell, Ray White Redcliffe: “We’ve already seen some really good growth particularly in Kippa-Ring, the last three years now since the train line was announced. We’ve seen good steady growth between five and seven per cent per annum.”

Trains run every 12 minutes at peak times, with as many as 100 trains making their way in and out of Kippa-Ring each day.

Lily Greer, QUT News.